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No source IP address found, cannot proceed?


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Hey all, it's me! Just a quick question -- I've got quick reporting enabled and have been submitting massive amounts of spam that I've been receiving while up at Fort Lewis, WA (it's getting to volumes such that I cannot manually report each message -- doing so is slower than the rate at which they're coming in, so I fall behind...not to mention I have other things to do).

I've been receiving a lot of "No source IP address found, cannot proceed" errors for a lot of the spams that I've submitted. These differ only in content from the messages that go through just fine. I set up my mailhosts and everything is properly configured.

A few example tracking URL's are as follows:

* http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z382745831zf9...43c93381291bbez

* http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z382745750z02...2f35315b2d8af9z

I'm rather puzzled in this regard and any assistance would be most helpful.



Pete Stephenson


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Jeeze Pete, been a while .. hope you're enjoying your active-duty time <g>

Your first link has the Eudora Span lines in the body, which seems to be throwing a lot of parses out, the "header lines in Body" syndrome. You know I can't tell you to remove those lines and try again <g>

Second one, you know as well as I that those headers suck. Trying to figure out why your heypete server even allowed it to arrive at all. No FQDN, bad HELO, listed IP, and as the only Received line, suggesting it was a direct to MX .. ouch! I'd think you'd rather destroy this evidence that you're contracting with a Chinese firm to ship a few of those heavy vehicles to somewhere off-shore <g> Oh wait, the other one was for web-page advertising .. holy cow! .. I don't recall hearing that you were switching MOS' and getting into the Logistics side of the house <g>

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Yes well, on top of all of that, the second example seems to have a declared boundary "--86836511934316056" which is not *opened* anywhere ----86836511934316056 and it seems the parser can't handle that either, from memory (not as if I would report the resultant links from "correcting" such, anyway I'm just a scaly little mole & can't)

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