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[Resolved] Did anyone else just loose their entire Inbox?


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Hmmmm..... Well, I noticed this error on my Outlook 2003 client:

Mailbox is in inconsistent state, please relogin.

Protocol: IMAP

Server: imap.spamcop.net

Port: 993

So, I shutdown the outlook client, got interrupted by my daughter and had to help her with her math homework for about 20 minutes, and then when I started my outlook client the email came back.

My webmail.spamcop.net client still showed no email in the Inbox (even when Outlook showed email in the Inbox), so I logged out of webmail and back in and the Inbox was back.

I started seeing Outlook error messages back when the new mail server code went in, but most of them have been timeout messages. I reported them, but didn't give them too much more thought since they only seemed to be timeout messages.

In any case, my Inbox is still intact and no messages appear to be lost. Crisis averted. :blush:

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