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[Resolved] Some Sort of ISP bounce error message


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I have no idea if this is the right forum to post this. Please redirect me if I'm all messed up - probably am.

First, can someone please help me figure out whether I'm an email account user or whatever other kind of user there is? I'm very likely going way down the wrong path but I have no way to tell.

I logged on to my Spamcop account and see the following message:

Bounce error

Your email address, granath[at]verizon.net has returned a bounce:

Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Reason: 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'Email from your Email Service Provider is currently blocked by Verizon Online\'s anti-spam system. The email "sender" or Email Service Provider may visit http://www.verizon.net/whitelist and request removal of the block.'

So I went to that URL and had no idea what I needed to do.

Is this bounce error message trying to tell me that email from me to Spamcop is blocked, or is it that email from Spamcop to me is blocked? Who is my "Email Service Provider?" Please, oh please, someone get me past this.

Thanks Very Much, Gary G

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Sounds like you have a reporting account (possibly free), possibly using quick reporting, Verizon is your provider and they are blocking SC notifications to you at your Verizon address. If that is all or mostly true you have the right forum :) .

The message seems to say SC can request whitelisting. [edit - or you can, using the form at http://www2.verizon.net/micro/whitelist/re...m.asp?id=member and you need the SC outgoing server addresses sc-app4.spamcop.net ( & sc-app6.spamcop.net ( are the usual ones I think but just try domain name spamcop.net1 - some discussion on SC being blocked in topic http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6107]

There are other workarounds - see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=54765 or run a search using the search box at the top of the forum page (with a query like - bounce error) to see if there is anything else in previous discussions that fits the bill.

If there are no satisfactory solutions or if you can't fix it to your satisfaction, email Don - service[at]admin.spamcop.net and ask for his assistance - if it is as I thought he may want to be involved anyway.

1 If not, get the list from http://www.senderbase.org/senderbase_queri...ing=spamcop.net

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figure out whether I'm an email account user
You're a free reporting account user.

But it doesn't matter what kind of account you have because when our mail to a user bounces, the reporting account is automatically suspended until the user logs in and resolves the issue no matter what specific type of account he has.

I fixed your account so you can go back to reporting spam.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

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