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Question about turning in spammers & hackers


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I'm a moderator of a large messageboard where we have a lot of a abusive members. Often times these users will reregister after being banned, and often use proxies to reconnect to the site and continue their harrasement.

Recently I contacted an online provider about an abusive user (Cox). All they did was forward my email to the person in question and promptly did nothing, despite evidence I sent them (log files, the URL to the offending posts, defininte proof that it was the user spamming & harrasing the board).

Does anyone have any tips on what I can do in the future when contacting ISPs to deal with this type of abuse? Cox really seems not to care what their customers do on their lines, and shows this even more by simply forwarding my email with all my contact info and email address so now the user can harrass me personally.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Threaten to block their entire IP Address Block at your border router and/or to report them to consumer advocates and news outlets.

Does that really work? :)

Spammers play on gullibility, why can't we?

Also, big companies that think they have good reputations want to protect those reputations - contacting their principals and PR people can help them to understand the issues at stake.

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