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Spam (?) on a Mac


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I'm on a Mac, running OS 10.2.8 and Explorer.

I have this mini, flashing icon that resembles the top of a web page header, with the red close button and etc. If you touch it, it automatically openes the web site below. It has attached itself to the Explorer icon menu bar - I've even trashed and reinstalled the software - to no avail. has anyone experienced this kind of thing, does it just annoy, or can these things do damage ?

I would appreciate it if anyone direct me as to how to get rid of this...


The site that it goes to is: http://www.precision-time.com/

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Sounds more like spyware than spam. If you were on a PC, I would reccomend Ad-Aware and/or Spybot - Search & Destroy. I don't know what to recommend for a mac.

And yes, it could be tracking your web movement and giving that information to sites you visit. A quick search on precision-time.com turns up a high ranking for gator software which can be incredibly nasty stuff to get rid of. Gator basically adds popups related to where you are browsing at the moment.

The link I am referring to is: http://www.scumware.com/apps/scumware.php/...ic::Scum-Watch/

Good luck and perhaps soeone here can help you more.

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Sorry .. I blew the last 30-40 minutes wading through a lot of dead-ends. I found nothing specific, and even the actual web site of the alleged product makes no mention of the Mac. If you want to spend some more time researching, here's a couple of jumping off points;




Hope there's an answer out there for you (and you find and report it back here before I get whatever yu've got <g>)

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