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Proof of concept GMail exploit


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... We were able to use our program to send bulk messages to more than 4,000 email targets in approximately 6 hours by using a broadband Internet connection. No measures took place that would have prevented us from keeping sending more messages. The average sent message ratio was 11 messages per minute. Even though this average seems a bit low, it is important to notice that our demonstration exploited only one Gmail account, ...

The third part of our experiment was designed to asses the trust relationship between Gmail and other third parties' email providers. ... We were able to confirm that indeed messages sent through Gmail's infrastructure had special treatment by Hotmail and Yahoo. ...

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Rats! by the time I got there to read it, they'd redacted a good bit of it "as a courtesy to Google."

The strange thing is that I read all about this sometime earlier last week on a security blog. However, I see that Google's index has removed those links also, as it's no longer showing up in the (at least three places in my mind) that the data was also provided.

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