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Keyboard with a definite WOW! factor


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...113 keys, each with an embedded 48x48 pixel OLED screen

each key (display) programmable, show a character, display a clock, link a display to an application/function

Ah, but this one is available now and no amount of use is ever going to wear the key contacts or mar their surfaces. Next stage would be to build display and finger position sensors into contact lenses (or grafted into corneas) to implement a 3D virtual keyboard/tablet/monitor only the user could see. Using that and talking on a bluetooth connection would present a picture remarkably like that of the stereotypical wizard. Clarke's third law I guess - having it enacted between living generations on the same planet would really be something special.
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Dmmn, that's a lot for a keyboard! :angry:

I still want one (it's going to have to be) someday. :closedeyes: (zzz)

Never mind, in a couple of years, they'll be $29.99 at your local PC peripherals clearance mart! :D

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And then there's the keyboard for "real programmers" http://www.geeks3d.com/public/jegx/200808/...-real-coder.jpg

Just the thing for those who wear the titles off their keys ('specially the deluxe model - not pictured - with the textured 'home' key). Heck, it even has a "1".

Thanks to Ed Metcalf at grc.test for spotting this one.

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