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ICANN - the dog bites


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Stolen from NG originator address munged (by me)

Path: news.spamcop.net!not-for-mail

From: "Carol Andrus" <x>

Newsgroups: spamcop

Subject: [media] ICANN crackdown

Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 03:03:36 -0600

Organization: SpamCop

Message-ID: <g1r499$j40$1[at]news.spamcop.net>

NNTP-Posting-Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 09:03:37 +0000 (UTC)

Xref: news.spamcop.net spamcop:169437

Internet overseer cracks down on domain use


"The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, sent

letters this week to some of the biggest sellers of Internet real estate,

warning that those who failed to fulfill their obligations under the rules

could be shut down."

See Will's http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9467 for some further context.
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Anyone have any pointers on how to submit a compliant about a register-reseller that registers tons of spam domains with a fake address. ...
I've never done it but I guess http://www.icann.org/cgi/contact
Contact Form

(If you have questions, comments or complaints about accredited registrars, click here to fill in the Complainant Form.)

(link in quote included). Your evidence might include the source of lookup data and certainly some sort of proof of address bogosity.
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Thanx Rick and Farelf

Just filed a complaint against eNOM for the spam support behavior of their affiliate Namecheap

I really wish there was a way to twist yahoo's tail to get them to sue... prob have to wait until MS or some other company with $$$ buys their broke asses. I've tried contacting a few media outlets, but no one seems to want to do stories on SPIM besides a short piece that ZDNET did.

The owner of namecheap is funny. He refers to the Better Business Bureau as "extortionists"

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Here is the text of my complaint against eNOM... (italics is me)

Thank you for your report. We're sorry that you have experienced trouble with your domain registration. We have sent your problem report to ICANN, which will forward it to your registrar. We hope you will be able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

ICANN will review your problem report and use it in establishing long-term registrar policy.

For a complete list of ICANN-accredited registrars, please visit http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html.

Name: __________


Email: antispam[at]_____.biz


Domain: oneniteadultdating.com

Real Registrar Name: ENOM, INC.


I have been getting SPIM SPAMMED by domains registered thru namecheap.com which is a reseller for eNOM.com. I have filed Whois Data Problem reports thru ICANN in regards to numerous domains registered thru Namecheap.com by an unknown party using a fake address.

Registration Service Provided By: NameCheap.com

Contact: support[at]NameCheap.com

Visit: http://www.namecheap.com/

Domain name: oneniteadultdating.com

Registrant Contact:


Chuck Smith

1main st

Las Vegas NV 89123


I have contacted eNOM about this problem but they have not taken any action against their agent namecheap for registering this and many other domains under fake and fraudulent whois contact data.

I feel that eNOM and Namecheap.com are engaging in contrived ignorance in allowing their client to keep registering domains under fake contact info.

I would like to make it CLEAR that I am not filing this complaint with ICANN about spam but about the fake whois info used by Namecheap/eNOM client on this and the following domains.












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That's a good report Devilwolf, clear, concise, detailed and entirely pertinent to an addressable issue (whois compliance). Pity the robot response has not been brought up to date - in contrast to the brave front of the new, "no more Mr. Milquetoast" announcements it seems it might be quite unchanged from when ICANN was in its "total abrogation of responsibility"/laissez-faire mode. Makes for some misgiving, right enough.

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ICANN's HQ is about 20 mins from me... It is tempting to just go down there and hand deliver a copy and ask an human being to sign for it...

Cut out of work early, take a nice bike ride down the beach, and visit ICANN swank beachfront HQ.

Or pull a "metallica" and drop about 10 pounds of written complaints on their front door.

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