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Senderbase Blocking, WHY ??


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This was posted into the Forum section titled and defined as;

SpamCop Blocklist Help

A forum to help those who use or have had their e-mail blocked based on use of the SpamCopDNSBL by the receiving ISP.

Please read the "Why Am I Blocked?" FAQ entry before posting.

However, the query is about an issue with SenderBase. With this post, Topic is moved to the Lounge area, as it is ot a SpamCop.net issue.

Best guess, you are trying to ask a question about a recipient ISP/Host using the SenderBase Reputation Score as a 'blocking' function/variable. Technically, this could be done with either software or hardware, but is based on the configuration setup by the recipient ISP/Host.

Hello, Senderbase Systems blocking my Mail System.

What is it that makes you want to believe this?

I dont understand what its the Problem.

Can you help me. What can i do to resolve the Problem quickly?

In general, you'd probably want to talk to the 'receiving' ISP/Host and ask them why you are being 'blocked' .... or ask for some kind of whitelisting for your e-mail/IP addresses.

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See http://www.senderbase.org/home/rep_lookup?...3ASearch=Search for the appropriate check on reputation score with notes and explanations. As others have said, you will see SenderBase itself blocks nothing.

I know it is serious when your mail exchange servers are given "poor" reputation listings. The implication is that your facilities are being abused but, in the absence of any SpamCop bl listing (or any other RBL listing Multi-RBL check) or other evidence there is not much we here can see or advise on. You may need to ask SenderBase why your rating is poor in order to find and correct the cause.

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