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Some Proxy Registers have a clue


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I usually hate Proxy Registers because most of them are very black hat and protective of their spammers.

Privacy Protect seems to the exception. I contacted them about 2 days in regards to a pirate software spam and got this reply...


Thank you for contacting Privacy Protect.

Looking into your complaint, we have determined that the domain name AVALWOSOFT C0M is in violation of the terms of usage of the Privacy Protect service. We have therefore,

1. disabled the Privacy Protect service for the domain name, such that it now displays the putative contact details of the domain name holder, and 2. notified the sponsoring Registrar about the complaint, who shall act upon the complaint in accordance with their policies.

For any further updates on this matter, you can contact "0101 INTERNET, INC. ", the sponsoring Registrar for AVALWOSOFT C0M.

We are extremely particular about preventing misuse of our services in any manner. Should you encounter any other such instances, please feel free to notify us immediately.



I'm so not used to such speedy and effective service... And the domain host also killed the domain off quick.

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Keep that up Devilwolf and you will restore people's faith in the 'system'. I confess I has assumed Privacy Protect to be just another carbuncle on the fundament of the internet but obviously not. I shall think only kindly thoughts about all things for the next 24 hours by way of contrition (terrible strain though that be). Who knows, it might be 'catching'. Thanks :D

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