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I am being Blocked on SpamCop


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I run an Exchange server at my company and my emails have been blocked by some of my clients stating SpamCop as the source. I am not sure if the clients are just using the list or if they filter their mail through SpamCop.

I would like to get to the bottom of this and if my server is an open-relay to quickly close it!

Any help would be much appreciated.

Sorry forgot this: - I have checked MANY spam blocking sites and this is the only one I am listed on.

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I removed the server from our list.

It looks like a one-time mistake by one of your users, so I doubt that you will have any more problems.

You might pass the word around your organization that replying to spam is a bad idea.

As a general rule, people should never respond to spam in any way. The return address on spam and virus traffic is *always* either fake or forged, and "remove" addresses are also universally fake or forged, as are any "remove" links you might find in the spam. Even if by some miracle they actually work, it's likely the spammer is simply using them to verify addresses. If you respond to spam, you're telling the spammer that your address is working and that you read the mail to it. That's pretty much spammer heaven.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -



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Thank you very much. I have let my users know on NUMEROUS times - but I really can't hold their hands :) (as all admins know, there is that one guy who thinks clicking on Viagara would help :D )

And another thing - those with Blackberry servers (not sure the newer versions), but reading an email automatically sends a read receipt if the sender clicked on that. I have seen a few spam messages asking for receipt.

Thanks for the removal and I will double check the standards of the server!

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my emails have been blocked

You posted this into the Forum section set aside for Help with SpamCop.net Parsing & Repoorting. You are asking abount an issue with the SpamCopDNSBL, which is addressed in a different Forum section. Moving to the 'correct' Forum section with this post.

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