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I'm seeing a lot of these like http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2298124130z8...ec34b9f5aadc46z characterized by:

the common internet address of of the various domains (angerthousand.com in that example) on which SC wisely refrains from wasting time

no less than 9 instances within the body of the spam (including HTML) in which the recipient email address (mine) is quoted - mostly in conjunction with an offer to 'unsubscribe' from that which, most assuredly, I never subscribed, the ravages of premature senescence notwithstanding.

Those address instances have been (manually) munged in this example but many more would have sailed through in emailed submissions. But little chance of harm, the usual unwitting zombie 'senders' by all appearances.

As McAfee SiteAdvisor reporter Farelf said (yes, yes, likely a relative of mine)

One of a whole nest of spam urls hosted at address (CNC Group CHINA169 Hunan Province Network) and with an evident intent to gather email addresses through copious references to the recipient address in "unsubscribe" links in the email body - hitting those links or complaining to the host might do anything (including listwashing but more likely harvesting another live address for 'subscription' to yet more spam).

Yet more Chinese hostility which would never be tolerated on their domestic internet (domain registrant and registrar details are unavailable on lookup, which is illegal).

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I've been getting a lot of those too recently (last... week or two?). Reporting never stopped the flood.

I am very annoyed that few, if any governments take spam seriously.... they have poured most of their internet crimefighting budgets into downloaders while spammers, scammers, thieves and cheats run free *insert ranting smiley*

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