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ISP does not wish to receive reports regarding


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Is that ok?


ISP does not wish to receive report regarding openprotect.com/

Resolves to

Routing details for

Using smaller IP block (/ 19 vs. / 14 )

Removing 1 larger (> / 19 ) route(s) from cache

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : abuse[at]layeredtech.com

Using abuse net on abuse[at]layeredtech.com

abuse net layeredtech.com = abuse[at]layeredtech.com

Using best contacts abuse[at]layeredtech.com

ISP does not wish to receive reports regarding openprotect.com/ - no date available

Please make sure this email IS spam:

From: "Mrs Cecilia Daniels." <LOTTERY[at]yahoo.co.uk> (File For Claims)

We are notifying you on our Online Draw held on 25/10/08 where your Email

won you the First Prize 6/6 + bonus number the sum of Ј691,514.00 in our

View full message

Report spam to:

Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)

To: tvthuan[at]vnuhcm.edu.vn (Notes)

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Is that ok?


...Sure. If you type the phrase (ending with "regarding") into the search box between the "Search for -->" and "GO" buttons, place quotes around the phrase, then press either of those buttons, you will get a list of SpamCop Forum threads with that phrase and one or more of them will explain further.
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When I first responded, I hadn't inspected the message linked in the Tracking URL. Now that I have, I wonder....are you using the "Openprotect" tool on your computer? That appears to be a possibility from looking at the headers. If you're using it, or even if the spammer was using it, it's an innocent bystander and shouldn't factor into any reports. The reports in this case should go to the source(s) of the spam (including an ISP in Vietnam), and perhaps even a manual report to MSN regarding the response address...there wasn't any website linked in the spam.

Apparently, the spammer was using a webmail system in Vietnam, but if the first "Received" header is to be trusted, the spammer was connecting to the webmail system from a computer in Nigeria (big surprise) and you could send a manual report to the abuse address for that IP number.


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