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  1. Exactly what I did. Richard from spamcop answered me and set it back, explained what happened. Yea that link is sure close enough that I could have hit it and not even known. I will know how to put it back if it happens again. Thanks. Cheers.
  2. I was busy sending in spamcop reports, first two went fine. (And FYI I got THREE exact copies of the exact same spam only minutes apart.) Got to the third one and all of a sudden there are TWO fields? One for the header and one for the body. WELL JUST GREAT!!!!!! I have NO CLUE where the actual header ends in the full report. Tried a few times and all failed. WHY did this change? And how about a CLUE for people who are NOT code monkeys what to do with this? I guess the rest of my unreported spam should just get deleted. FLIPPING WONDERFUL!
  3. And what good would that do? I report all my fake calls to the do not call registry. Keep getting them over and over. US government agencies don't give a flying rats behind. I keep sending to spamcop, for what ever good that does. Why doesn't SPAMCOP forward these to the US dept of homeland security? Nah, easier at this point to just delete. I did post a comment on the facebook page, for what little good that will do. I also wrote a review on "trustpilot." Here. https://www.trustpilot.com/users/63fa7b5a7a60510015d64d1e And a2 posted a lame reply to forward spam to their abuse department. I HAVE BEEN. It's so far done NOTHING.
  4. Well I tried that traceroute link, put in the a2 hosting thing, and got back this. "Uh Oh, Something Broke! Error Getting Results" "Need to report to American Cert." HOW and WHY? I don't know what those links are for let alone what I'm suppose to do with them. And have little to no faith that ANYONE cares. (Kinda like being on the do not call list and reporting the MANY TIMES I get spam calls. Useless.) And WHY and HOW does ANY company manage to just "devnul" spamcop complaints? The links in the last one I got point to twitter, and spamcop actually shows a reporting address of "twitterdoesntcareaboutspamcomplaints" UNBELIEVABLE! I can't ignore the spam, I have to sift through it to find real messages. (Such as the notice that someone replied to THIS thread. Yup it landed in the spam folder.) So how about NO COMPANY can just ignore complaints. Send the damn things anyway? Maybe if every piece of spam they send comes back as a complaint, they just might deal with it. (We can start that list with google. Yet this a2 hosting thing has just surpassed the google influx of spam) There, I vented. Onto something more productive.
  5. THIS???? SpamCop v 5.4.0 © 2023 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6801030765za16437821fc5e8de38b9c5d900c28c90z Skip to Reports
  6. Hey I have been suddenly getting 6 or more a day from this a2webhosting or hosting.com site. Of course spamcop comes up with the dreaded devnul meaning they don't care. I tried forwarding directly to them replacing the # for @ which USUALLY works but not for them. It comes back with I have to sign in, log in, create a ticket. So fine, I sent in a comment through their site, and got back a reply to ATTACH a text version of the full header which is just another time consuming step. But I did. In fact I then attached several more and sent them all individually. I started just replying to that and pasting in the full header info. And I get NOTHING back, the spam is continuing, Spamcop. Isn't there ANYTHING people can do? How can companies refuse spamcop complaints when none of us can refuse the spam. How about you get rid of the devnul thing and report their crap anyway? Lastly, I looked them up and OH MY GOD it appears they are in the states. MY STATE no less. (Michigan) Unless that's fake too. I'd very much like to drive there and walk in armed. (Yea don't get your knickers in a bunch, only talking here. It's a nice idea though.)
  7. WOW I really appreciate the time you put into that. Bottom line sounds like this is an issue between spamcop and spammers who seemed to have found a way around it. Guessing the change in your own email is kinda like how phone scammers use forged numbers to call from. I've had emails come in apparently from someone I know. Someone in my contacts. But they never sent it. (A worm I'm guessing.) This has been and will always be a battle between cheaters and ways to stop them. That being said I did delete my email in the mail host tab and so far it's been working fine. Now I do use several emails and have no plans of entering all of them into spamcop. ONE I set up specifically to use where I think it will be hijacked and I don't have any personal information linked to that one at all. Even my name I make up and change from time to time. I think now I have something like "Die Spammers" It's hilarious when I get spam "dead Die"..... I'm sure spamcop would be a safe place, but why take chances? Every site gets hacked. The fewer places I use my personal emails the better. Still the level of spam has gone WAY down since I first stated using this. Not sure if the email hosts have just gotten better, well actually no. They don't block spam, they just send it to a junk folder. There was a time when I got 900 in one day. Now my personal email might get 1 or 2 a WEEK. Even my spamable junk address only gets a few a week. So for the occasional one that slips through? Not a big deal. (BTW 99% of the spam I do get comes from google and goes to devnull. Google doesn't care. Not even sure sending reports does a thing.)
  8. Got two more spams today. one went through just fine, the other did this same thing. And we have been through this. I do NOT use spamcop's mail system. I use yahoo. There are no MAILHOSTS to get rid of. I looked at your link, means nothing to me. Even clicked the delete hosts which only brings up some page of instructions, and around the endless circles of useless garbage we go. I just want to copy the raw message, paste it into spamcop and have it work like it's always done before. If spammers found a way around spamcop then spamcop needs to GET ON THIS and fix it. PLEASE don't get into some long winded thing about mailhosts or what ever. Just SIMPLE step by step HOW TO REPORT THIS CRAP. 1. do this, 2, do that, 3 copy that.... like that. Otherwise this is just a waste of far too much time. Ha, I went back to the spam I could not report, trying to see if after I got the error I could delete mailhosts.... And for what ever reason, this time it went through. Go figure. Intermittent problem perhaps???? BTW it went to an abuse at hotmail, (who like google doesn't care) and to a devnull... also means they not only don't care but won't even look.
  9. And again today. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6777584009zd5b59c27e570171eb65ad415f225b6b0z No ip address found. Isn't THIS an ip address????? Received: from OR this??? X-Originating-Ip: []
  10. That's exactly what I have been doing. And it usually works fine. But a handful of spammers seemed to have figured out a way to thwart spamcop. "No source IP address found, cannot proceed. " And expecting ME to sift through header info and somehow psychically know what to cut, change, edit, etc fiddle around with email programs or what ever. NOT gonna happen. My patience ran thin long ago. Clearly the answer here is spamcop can't help, just delete the crap. Could have just said that after my first post.
  11. None of that helps me a bit. What I need, is step by step... do this, copy that, paste here... like that. Trying to figure out what in blazes I'm to do with spam? Yea nah. DELETE..... Done. They got away with it. (As do most since about 99% of the spam I get is from google at devnul. Means they don't care and won't even SEE a spamcop complaint.) Beginning to wonder if this is at all worth it anymore.
  12. Petzl, again your not making sense. But I tried clicking on the first two of your links to try and see what your talking about. Pages will not load. BOTH come up basically as blank white pages. With ?about in the upper left side, some logo imgbb in the top middle and some blurry graphic in the middle of the page. The second page finally loaded, same as the first only instead of a blurry graphic it has text SC2 THIS MEANS WHAT TO ME??????? Nothing. So again, spammers found a way around this tool. Fine, I have a tool too. DELETE KEY.
  13. See attached. This is my account when I log in and go to mail hosts. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT SO EVER WHAT THIS MEANS~! It's not even showing MY yahoo information. nta127 etc etc????? WTH is that? IPsv4 and IPsv6????????? I cannot stress this enough. I AM NOT..... REPEAT NOT a computer PROGRAMMER. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE HOOPS YOU WANT ME TO JUMP JUST TO SEND IN A PIECE OF GARBAGE EMAIL. frankly it's just easier to delete the thing. Probably would go to some "devnull" meaning it gets ignored, address anyway.
  14. you have set-up your mailhosts? log-in click tab Mailhosts click link "Add new hosts" WHERE????? Exactly what tab on what application are you talking about? What website? Yahoo.com??? Can't be, there is no tab, no place says mailhosts. I haven't got a clue what you are trying to explain. All I know is spammers found a way to avoid being reported.
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