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  1. Well todays array of paypal phishing scams this time went through spamcop to googles abuse department just fine. Someone fixed something here. As for google? MY GOD they suck. I've been on the internet since the mid 90s. The ONLY email I ever actually had hacked was my first gmail account. And the ONLY "support" to be found is their forum board which you have to be logged in just to access. Great! Fast forward to today? My youtube account stopped functioning right. Youtube actually has support on twitter so been going around with them. After I got past the multiple replies to clear my cookies cache history change browsers spin clockwise and whistle dixie, I tried sending an email to the email account needed to have a youtube account. And viola. It's been blocked. So now support says it's been hacked. They had me set up a new mail address but did NOT move my channel to it so kinda useless. Told me it would take weeks for their hacked accounts department to figure this out. That was MONTHS ago now. Actually I found it rather odd they even have a "hacked accounts department." Must get hacked quite a bit huh? Google really needs their monopoly broken up some. They got way too big and too powerful.
  2. I get a LOT of phishing scams, supposedly from apple and/or paypal. I send them ALL through spamcop and those two I also forward to spoof at (insert which) Since these almost ALWAYS come from google, I have been also forwarding copies directly to them. Some time ago google started shooting back auto responders sending me in endless circles to fill out their form. Yea na. So I stopped trying, only send through spamcop and directly to those spoof departments. So today? WTF is this? copy; google_refuses_emailed_reports AT devnull.spamcop.net WHY is this even allowed? WE cannot refuse the garbage coming out of google. But reporting it can be refused now? Spamcop I really think you should NOT be allowing this at all. And just when will companies being used as scam bait actually prosecute? First holding the companies like google accountable to some degree, that alone would be incentive enough to get the company involved in locating the spammer and arresting anyone attempting to cheat other people. You cannot tell me GOOGLE can't detect just where spam is coming from. Meanwhile what is the point in even using spamcop for these two phishing scams now? It ALWAYS comes back with google as the source. So if google can flat out refuse the reports? Why bother reporting? (I still will send to apple and paypal.)
  3. Just dial *67 before dialing out. That will block your caller id. Keep in mind, some people can also block calls coming in from blocked caller ids.
  4. Oh wow that's incredible! Good to know too. Makes me feel like all the time I waste reporting spam might actually go somewhere and do some good. We need more like that guy. Now what about all the spam that comes out of other countries? (or at least seems to.) Our courts mean nothing to say China or Russia.
  5. Wow you spent more time on this than I ever would. I really wish I could personally meet a spammer. I'd come armed with rusty pliers and aim for the groin. Well I can dream can't I? Not to go too far off topic here, but this is REALLY funny. He does a few of these, I'll only post one. It's really a hoot. We need some laughs once in awhile right? how to deal with spam
  6. Yea well.... not sure you want a saga here, but I HAD email with my domain name. Probably still could if I wanted. And I tried using a form, captcha (which I hate btw) BOTH got hacked. Repeatedly. And I got in trouble after sending through spamcop because somehow it went to my domain host. Once that was made known to me I just let it go. Finally for my website what works, though I know is inconvenient, I just uploaded an image of my email address. People have to type it into their email. Yea it's a pain but it put a stop to spambots. I don't want to use my computers email since I am seldom on the same computer. Yahoo I can access anywhere. First email I ever had was on hotmail. (Still have it too.) But over the years they changed for the worst more and more... I check in about once a year just to keep it as a back up but I don't use it. One day, while I was communicating with a customer no less, hotmail went down. I quickly set up shop on yahoo. And like everything, every "up" grade is actually a downgrade. I use the oldest "classic" version I can. Keep it simple. Now you probably haven't used yahoo in a long time. They don't have the option to block emails anymore. Not that it ever did any good since spammers just make up new ones. All they have is a "mark it as spam" and it lands on a spam folder. That's it. And with their last "up yours grade" the spam folder no longer even shows me if new messages came in unless I go look. And I have to because good messages land in there all the time. BUT... so far, yahoo is still way better than hotmail (or mail.com, got one there too. They are the worst.) On a bad day I might get a dozen spam messages. Yesterday I only got one. So over all tolerable. This is kinda like summer. You'll never be rid of mosquitoes. Just keep swatting.
  7. I have heard of spamassassin. Ok, NOT being a computer tech here, how would I use spamassassin with yahoo email on a mac computer. If that's even possible? I think it's not. Tried looking up spamassassin's site but all I can see is using some "gloc app" or something like that. Again, COMPUTER. I NEVER do email on my phone. Aren't "apps" for the phone? See? NOT a techno geek here. Please explain this like your talking to your grandma ok?
  8. I get them EVERY DAY. Sometimes, like today only one. Other times 9 or more. Disturbingly it seems quite a pick up in either paypal or apple phishing scams too. THOSE I forward directly to their spoof at address as well as spamcop. Until the next batch rolls in. I really wish someone would come up with a way of bouncing spam right back to who ever sent it. And if it's not bounceable? say some wanky forged return address? Then it's not deliverable either. Never would get any if this were the case.
  9. No, got a keto note today. Only one though. So perhaps something got shut down. I really wish instead of just deleting the users account someone would go after them legally. Among all the sales crap I regularly get paypal or apple phishing scams. THOSE I send directly to paypal or apple spoof at. These spammers really need to be rotting in jail for attempting to rob people.
  10. Not mine. Not a bit. Got ONE yesterday that was not from google. NINE that were. I don't think google even looks at spamcop complaints. But... I will keep reporting anyway.
  11. My spam has been increasing. From yesterday to today, doubled! And so far ALL coming from google.
  12. I report it all assuming I check within 2 days of it showing up. That account in question I don't always. But yea, report it all. If everyone did this it would stop so much faster. Thanks again for spamcop. best service out there.
  13. First off, I do NOT use Gmail. Oh I have an account but only to use youtube. I do almost all my email on yahoo. And this is fairly recent, the uptick in spam coming from google. If I forward it directly to google, IF I get a reply at all, it's usually some long winded techno thing on how it didn't come from them, they are only a service... yada yada. My point here is why all of a sudden? Yahoo (even my spam bait account) was down to only a few spam messages a week. And usually from any number of sources. Now? ALL GOOGLE and some 9 or more a day. Almost all with similar messages. Something medical. Burn fat, keto diet, pills.... like that. I got on someones spam list and that spammer just happens to be abusing google. I would hope after they got enough complaints they might track it down. Or not. Frankly I think google got too big to care about anyone.
  14. hi all, Ok, I have several email accounts but one in particular I use specifically for things likely to harvest me and spam me to death. It's always been my "disposable" account (on yahoo) but so far Yahoo has done a pretty fair job of separating junk from email, AND I haven't had much spam. A few a day, if that. BUT lately, just about EVERY piece after running through spamcop shows up as google as the source. Does google even care about spamcop complaints? Cause they sure don't care about user complaints directly, (about ANYTHING.) If filing spamcop complaints does any good at all I will continue. But if there is no point, perhaps just deleting would be easier. If this won't stop, or slow it down, what's the point?
  15. petzl I seem to remember that bt.com coming up in the past. When I see an email address I sometimes DO forward copies directly. Pretty sure that one only sends back some long winded BS auto responder which I don't even bother reading. I don't know if they care or not. RobiBue LOVE THIS... "Confirmation of Spammer's Rules Rule #3: Spammers are stupid, and Spinosa's Corollary: Spammers assume everybody is more stupid than themselves." So sad though that there are actually people even stupider than spammers. Must be or they would be out of business. Meanwhile.... today, in my out there for everyone junk email address I got NOT ONE spam message today. (so far.) So spamcop really does work. Seems even the ones that are dev/nul or where ever, must be doing something somehow huh? I got hammered right around Christmas, and barely mid Jan it's stopped. WOOHOOO!!!!!
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