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  1. I simply cannot believe that you're saying. It is incredible that Century link commits such a dumb mistake.
  2. Harry Adams

    Sendgrid reports dev'nulled?

    This is quite interesting since we're talking about a really weird problem. Whenever you solve it, please let us know!
  3. Harry Adams

    TLS support for SMTP host for spam submission

    I don't know man. Do you really think this could be a good solution to the issue described?
  4. Harry Adams

    dot xyz dot com

    In my opinion, the case you are describing in this post definitely looks like list washing.
  5. Harry Adams

    TLS support for SMTP host for spam submission

    Agree. Spamcop usually responds in a timely manner and tend to find a very effective solution most of the times.
  6. To be honest, I think that tinyurl's terms are simply terrible. It's a shame.
  7. Harry Adams

    TLS support for SMTP host for spam submission

    I think that you could send a message to Spamcop in order to describe this issue and get it solved quickly. A friend of mine did it a couple of months ago and it worked.
  8. Harry Adams

    Google Groups spam

    You should definitely contact Google and explain this situation. After all, as far as I’m concerned, is not exactly normal that you received spams from Google Groups.
  9. First thing first: I’m not an expert at all. Nevertheless, all I can say it is extremely weird what you are describing. After all, Google should definitely use the abuse address.
  10. Harry Adams

    Spammers now hiding behind Cloudflare and others

    Thank you for sharing this. A friend of mine was the victim of a phishing scam, and all I can say is that it was a pretty ugly situation.
  11. You’re a lucky person. I still receive a lot of spam emails every single day!