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Blacklisted but IP is not in database


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It would help if we knew what the IP address is. Also, what is the message that says you are blocked?

The spamcop blocklist is usually not used to block email. Usually, ISPs use several blocklists to filter email. The spamcop blocklist usually tags email suspected of being spam instead of rejecting it.

If your IP address is not on the spamcop blocklist, then the spamcop blocklist is not being used to reject your email.

What Could be the Problem?

The system that is rejecting your email could be using a generic message that says your IP address is on the SpamCop Blocklist for any reason that they block an email.

Recently, a server admin had misconfigured his anti-spam firewall so that it rejected email, using the spamcop message, that was not on the spamcop blocklist.

Your IP address may have been on the spamcop blocklist and the ISP receiving your email decided that email from you should continue to be blocked even though spam is no longer coming from your IP address.

Ask the ISP where the email is being blocked why they are blocking your email.

We are glad to help with any questions you might have about the reason the ISP says your email is being blocked.

Miss Betsy

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Taking a bit of a stab in the dark, if you are talking about mail.otra-int.com [] that seems to be noted in another block-list for backscatter:



Non-authoritative answer:




Accordingly, it may have been listed by SC recently (I can't tell) but, as you say, it is no longer listed. The problem might be someone using an old cache or a misconfigured server incorrectly assigning the reason to SC when it might be backscatterer.org or some other list that showed positive.

All supposition until you give something for us to work with.

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> host mail.otra-int.com[] said:

> 550 This system has been configured to reject your mail. An IP address

> ( found in the message's 'Received:' headers is

> listed by the lookup site 'bl.spamcop.net.'. is not now on our blocking list, nor has it ever been on our list.

I have written to the owner of mail.otra-int.com[] to advise him that his software needs to be reconfigured.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -


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It is really fortunate that someone who knows what happened behind the scenes and who could do something for you read this topic. It doesn't happen very often. Usually, after you read the various user responses that tell you that you need to provide an IP address (which some of us can research and determine that as far as we know your IP address has had no reports), all we can do is to advise you on what to tell the ISP who has rejected your email so that s/he understands that there really is a problem (and not blow it off the way s/he would do if you contacted him with vague information as you did with us).

Congratulations on hitting the 'official' lottery! The ISP will probably listen to the polite request from the SpamCop Admin that his software 'needs to be reconfigured' more quickly than a request from you, even with technical details.

Miss Betsy

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