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Blast from the past...

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In what looks like a blast from the past, I have experienced this several times this morning:

I go to a folder (like Held Mail or a folder I created) and look at a message, usually reporting or deleting it.

Then I go to my Inbox and attempt to open a message.

Instead of opening the message, webmail displays the previous folder with the message "Requested message not found."


I don't know yet whether this happens in other folders.

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Well, it just happened again. This time, I was looking at the Folder Navigator view and clicked on my Inbox.

After the Inbox was displayed, I clicked on the first message and got the red hand with "Requested message not found."

I opened webmail in a different tab and was able to display that message, but then when I moved to the Held Mail and back to Inbox, I was unable to open messages again.


It certainly happens only intermittently, and only once today. But once it starts, it keeps on happening, at least in that browser window.

I've been using Firefox. Tomorrow, I'll try it in IE.

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I've been using Firefox. Tomorrow, I'll try it in IE.

It happens to me occasionally with both IE and Firefox, but no more often than twice a month.

On every occasion going back to the proper folder and retrying the Move or whatever worked fine.

There was no need to reload the browser.


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I have just had a weirdie which may well be another symptom of the same problem or Horde getting confused about which folder it is supposed to be pointing at.

I discovered (Spamcop email that reports quick reporting) that 12 emails from bottom of my inbox had been reported as spam and sent to trash.

This did no harm since the emails were 10 days old and more and so no reporting was done.

I think I remember (Fri, 12 Feb 2010 23:43:12 GMT - 48 hours ago) that I clicked "report as spam" on the contents of the Held folder and nothing happened or at least the Held folder didn't empty. So I did it again and it emptied.

Looking at the reports, 8 emails were reported as genuine spam at that time.

As I said, weird.

It might be safer to use the VER screen.

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