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Suspended privileges


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Yesterday, SpamCop Suspended my privileges for reporting too many spams -- which according to the SpamCop webpage is more that 1000 per 24-hour period. Something must have gone haywire in their system because I could not physically send that many. Yesterday was a busy day because: 1) I received a lot of spams and 2) the SpamCop latency was so bad that either I did not get a response or SpamCop's server timed out. So, may I sent (and resent) a total of 50-75 spam reports

Have emailed them several time to say that I have been using SpamCop for over 10 years and and a good SpamCop citizen. So, I requested that them reinstate my account.

However, they do not respond to any emails. Maybe I don't have the correct address or something. Anyone have suggestions about who I should contact? Or, what email address might work?


Jim :(

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Hi, Jim,

...Welcome to the SpamCop Forum! I'm sorry it's under such unusual and unhappy circumstances.

...Your question is discussed in parts of SpamCop Forum article "Reporting problems today?" (hard to find in that extremely long topic, I don't recommend going through it looking for related posts but you are welcome to do so if you wish) and mentioned near the top of the page to which you are taken by clicking on the big red link near the top of virtually all SpamCop Forum pages labeled "------>------> Latest and Current Announcements <------<------."

...Follow-ups to the "Reporting problems today?" topic, please.

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