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Name Expansion - Where is the cache? Voodoo?

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Here is a question for all you long-time Spamcoppers who know your Spamcop "Name Expansion" inside and out:

Where does Spamcop store those names and email addresses?

I know I have my address book with my contacts, etc. But Spamcop is saving old "names/email addresses" in some additional place. Why do I say that?

If in the TO: field I put an ambiguous name (i.e. multiple possible resolution/expansions) and click on the "Expand Names" icon on the Send window, Spamcop will dredge up all possible names/email addresses and put a chooser/drop-down on the TO: field letting me select how to expand that name.

So far so fabulous.

But the names/email addresses? Not all those email addresses are from my address book. Some of them are very old names/email addresses from way back "in the day". I'm confused.

Are these being stored in some http history place? Or some cookie that Spamcop maintains?

Can you help? Teach me the voodoo of that Spamcop voodoo that Spamcop does so well (so well I don't understand it).

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You don't say, but I'll assume you are talking about webmail.spamcop.net

I'd always figured it was (in addition to the address book) matching to names & emails from the headers of old mail I've stored in various folders. I can't recall if I've tested this or not. I've seen other mail clients do this, so it seems reasonable.

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