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Can't log into webmail

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I have tried to log into webmail but find myself returned to the login prompt every time. I have verified that my account is in good standing, as I went to the "renew" link and it says it's good until February of next year. So, I find myself puzzled as to why I can't log into webmail, seeing as to how I have the correct password (I got into the "renew your account" page, so I obviously have the correct password!)

Anyone else having this problem???

I did email "support [at] cesmail.net" but given their historic lack of responsiveness, I am not holding my breath waiting for a reply.

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There are multiple problems at the moment, including my INBOX being mysteriously empty (it had 700+ messages this morning), and others with odd blank messages showing up in Held that they can't process. I've submitted a "Problem" report in the webmail. I think their RAID array might have lost its integrity.


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