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Spomcop is not protecting or not working


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hi guys , I need your help, I become a member on spamcop site then I enter the "email address" or "whole email" of spam SENDER, but spamcop site is not blocking at all to that person who is sending me spam from last over 5 years.

I am getting error like this, as shown in pictures below (I can't attach photos of error on the site).

please help me "how to successfully process spamcop procedure"

thanks for your replies.

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tester2 welcome to the spam fight.

Sorry I am not quite sure where you are trying to enter "email address" or "whole email" After loging into spamcop.net you should be on https://www.spamcop.net/ with a box to past the full spam into.

You may not fully understand the effect of a single, or just a few, spam reports. Based on a single report spamcop will not add an IP address to their blocklist. It takes reports from several different reporters and maybe reports from a spamtrap.

Even when an IP address is added to the blocklist, you personally will not see any results unless you/your mail ISP is using the BL to process email. The block or filtering of email is done on the receiving end NOT the sending end.

If you will explain again when you are getting an error we will try to figure out what is going wrong.

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hi there, thanks for your reply, I could not COPY & PAST on this site that message or any single thing, so is there any way I can show that all messages, what the spamcop error shows, how to post the PHOTOS etc on this sit, please let me know.

spam sender send to me every day many time with different email addresses, this is the email below,







or simply you copy and past the above email addresses on spamcop.net site then you will see the errors.

I simply copy and past this email address or whole of his message into the spamcop.net, there after spamcop shows message like this " is not listed in cbl.abuseat.org & bl.spamcop.net & dnsbl.sorbs.net etc.

and I am unable to copy & past on this sit any thing, so I can't type whole of his message to show you, so how to attach PHOTO on this site. Please let me know.

any help appricated.

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When you enter a single (email) address only into the SpamCop parser a message similar to the one above is all that you will get.

Given an email address only, the parser finds the IP address for the given email domain and then checks to see if that IP address is currently listed in the bl.spamcop.net list.

If on the other hand you enter a spam with full header, the parser will "parse" the header to identify the IP address of the true source of the spam and try to find an appropriate abuse address to report the spam. Your report will, more importantly, add to the statistics for the source IP contribute to the reputation of the IP.

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... could not COPY & PAST on this site that message or any single thing, so is there any way I can show that all messages, what the spamcop error shows, how to post the PHOTOS etc on this sit, please let me know. ...

Do not post any images on this site, thanks. See the item "Anti-spam" in Help for some rationale on this.

As Lou says 92248[/snapback], copy and pasting the full spam source should resolve the actual spam-sending source, (There are many kinds of spam and in the most common types the sender e-mail addresses are false/spoofed.) You may like to refer to How do I get my email program to reveal the full, unmodified email?. The resulting plain text is suitable for copying and pasting into the (reporting) member submission form. Results can be discussed by reference to the Tracking URL which is available from the resulting parsing and reporting page.

Whether or not you actually submit the report is up to you - it sounds like you do want to become a reporter. As Lou also says this is the start of the process that makes SC an effective tool in the fight against spammers - but as he also cautioned in his first post 92244[/snapback] you may not be seeing immediate results in terms of the instant elimination of "your" spam that you might have been anticipating.

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hi there, I don't understand TECHNICAL WORDS in Post#4 like "Parser" etc, this is the first experience I am trying to fight with spam.

And I don't know "how to find the original email address of that spam sender", because I block 400 of his email address in my yahoo account, he always send me by using different different email address, and I create filters in yahoo that also not wok at all to stop this spam emails.

Any way this time I go to my yahoo Account, then I click on spam email, then I click on Forward, then I enter this "submitEXG6mByR.......[at]spam.spamcop.net at TO line, then I click on Send button,

do you guys think is this is the right procedure I did this time or not, please make me as simple as possible to submit spam to spamcop.net.

I don't understand the deep way of sending spum to spamcom.net site, many of the faq's I could not understand on the site.

please let me know this time I forward the spam email to spamcop.net, do you guys think - is this right I did or not this time.


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&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sorry, I believe that you are trying to use the wrong tool. Your using SpamCop to report spam will not, by itself, stop any spam from reaching you. I would recommend that you discuss your spam issues with your e-mail provider.

&nbsp &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If you want to learn more about how to properly use SpamCop and what it does just for the sheer joy of learning about it (which I find valuable), I would suggest you look at the SpamCop FAQ (http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/2238-original-spamcop-faq-added-forum-items/) article "How does SpamCop reporting work?" and the articles in the section labeled "SpamCop Parsing and Reporting Service." Warning: you will find a lot of "TECHNICAL WORDS" there -- some are explained in the SpamCop Glossary (http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4473) and others can be found by using your favorite internet search tool.

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