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Links not allowed in Yahoo originated spam?


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The SC parser and system have three priorities; in order

  • Identifying the source IP of the spam to maintain their Block List
  • Identify an appropriate "abuse" address to sent a spam Report to assist the admin controlling spam from their IP addresses
  • Identifying spamvertised links in the body of the reported spam.
If you look at the number of spam reported this week, https://www.spamcop.net/spamgraph.shtml?spammonth you will see there have been an order of magnitude increase in spam to process. As a result I would guess that there was not processing time for the third priority.
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That one is a bad example, NOW, in regards to parsing lookup.

Domain was valid when the messages was submitted.

Whether or not the link is valid, parser ought to be detecting the link, then attempting to resolve it, with the report stating it's invalid if it don't get a valid IP from the lookup.

It's not doing that.

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