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can't purge held or trash

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The spamcop server times out at every attempt to clean my

held mail and trash folders. I have tried at off times (1AM or 7AM - EDT)

to see if server load may help but it still doesn't work.

They currently hold:

TRASH 197,000+ messages

HELD 32,000+ messages

I have tried the following with no success:

1. Connect via IMAP client and deleting

2. Use the web interface maintenace function to clean out trash

3. Use the web interface to the 'folders' and use the "empty folder' function

Any ideas how to purge these?

If there is an admin person monitoring this forum...feel free to purge

my folders.

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I moved your posting to the E-Mail Forum. AT the top of this Forum is a Pinned item that references a similar situation ... There are also numerous other Topics in "here" that involve the same issue. So how about starting with the Pinned item at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=927 and see if that helps get you closer to trimming those folders down to a managable size.

I'm not speaking for JT, but he's the only one that can directly manipulate your account data, and I haven't seen signs of his monitoring these groups in a long while. If needed, he can be contacted, but no idea how fast the response would be.

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I followed the instructions in the pinned post and then tried to empty the held

folder and the system came back with this error

There was an error deleting messages from the folder "Held Mail". This is what the server said: [CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response)

There was a problem expunging the mailbox. The server said: [CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response)

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indicative of a timeout condition ... by your phrase "tried to empty", might that be the attempt to nail them all at once? Did you try again with like a screen at a time? I recall some talking about setting up preferences to show more items on a page, which helped ather up a few more in one stroke ... I'm sure it's a apin, but .. how the heck did the folders get so big to begin with?

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To clean out the Trash folder, you could set your Options to hold fewer days. The first time you log in the next day, your login will probably fail due to a timeout but the cleanup will be occuring. If you try again in a little while, you should be able to connect and have a much smaller trash folder. If you then delete messages from Held folder the same thing will happen the next day.

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When I mentioned " tried to empty" I was using the " folders" icon

expaning to show all folders, then clicking the check box next to " held mail"

and selecting "empty folder" from the drop down. No luck there.

I changed my "display option" from 500 mails at a time to 50, still no

luck. It will bounce me right out to the login screen after I try to perform.

It will only display the sent folder (which contains 2 msgs) or the

inbox (which is set to forward to my mail server) and it contains a few

pieces in transit. So it appears I can view folders, just not ones with

lots of email.

I have also tried the "report spam" and "held mail"

functions which take you to the text view interface at :


These time out with "Gateway Timeout"

I think I am stuck until an admin goes in and purges.....

I hope someone sees this. Thanks for all your help

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If you follow the directions I posted, you don't need to go into the Trash folder at all. You go into the Options page and modify the amount of days trash is kept.

Again a warning, your logins wil fail until the cleanup is complete but JT has stated the system will continue to do the cleanup in the background and will allow login when it completes.

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Thanks for the further suggestions. I have tried those too.

I set my trash option last week to delete anything older than 1 day and I have

the maintenance routine set to run at login as follows:

Checked -> Perform maintenance operations on login?

Checked -> Ask for confirmation before doing maintenance operations?

Unchecked ->Rename sent-mail folder at beginning of month?

Unchecked ->Delete old sent-mail folders at beginning of month?

12 -> Number of old sent-mail folders to keep if deleting monthly.

Checked -> Purge old message in the Trash folder?

1 -> Purge messages in Trash folder older than this amount of days.

When I try to open the Held Mail or Trash from the right side drop down,

it comes back " There are no messages in this folder" yet my IMAP

client as of this morning is reporting:

33,331 Held Mail

231,450 Trash

Clearly the maintenance routine is not performing it's function, even in the

background. I attempt to run it each day. I can't report spam if I can't

get to the held messages either.

Any other suggestions.

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My spamcop email is

info2 <at> spamcop.net

I was able to connect and open the held mail folder this monrning with

my IMAP client and I am deleting them. I am not sure

if I will have the same success with the very large trash folder.

Thanks for your help.

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OK, a couple of things .... I modified your posted address while I was in there ... and have sent off a note to JT to ask him to squash the contents of your Trash folder ... though now that you say things are working (great news by the way, thanks for the feedback!) perhaps it'll be a race as to whther you can clear it out or JT finds the time to step in ... unfortunately, we waited until the week-end started to try to get his attention directly, probably my fault .. apologies ...

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OK, just heard back from JT .. he'll squash the Folders for you. So hopefully, by the time you next log on or get back here, the main problem will be resolved.

JT did want to have passed on that if you're actually reporting this much stuff, perhaps you'd want to change your settings to have the stuff "not" go the the Trash Folder when it's deleted, just simply "deleted Permanently" ...

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I'm having similar problems as chronicled in this message which I started before finding this one. Any chance I might be escalated to have my Held Mail folder squashed as well?

While my trash seems to be empty, I am having the same problem with Webmail showing zero Held Messages, but my mail client showing nearly 13000. Both give me hell trying to delete these things, too...

My login is the same as my name here: offbalance[at]spamcop.net

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You might be able to delete 13000 if you setup an IMAP connection to

your account. I was able to delete 32000+ manually in my held

folder using this technique. I also did it over the weekend at

off-peak times, very early saturday and sunday morning.

I had over 250,000 in my trash which, unfortunately, I could not do

manually with IMAP... I guess weekends aren't long enough ;-)


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This back from JT;

Subject: Re: getting to be a popular request

Yeah, I know.

I made some significant improvements last night, I believe. Lots more people should be able to clear their held mail folders or see their held mail in webmail now.


Not sure if he got around to squash your folders (offbalance) ... but here's hoping there's some help in JT's word.

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