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[Resolved] Who to contact about site problem?


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A little more information would be helpful.

Is it correct to assume that you are referring to logging into www.Spamcop.net?

Have you tried again? There have been some security issues that are being addressed that may have caused a temporary issue.

Let us know if a second attempt also fails.

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Tes, the main www.spamcop.net site.

I have tried for the past 90 minutes to log in with the same results.

Seems the site is a bit slow also.

EDIT: Seems to have been resolved, as I am back in now.

Thanks for the response

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I used to see this error with the spamcop front end proxy servers. Last time I got this, I dropped an email to the deputies.

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #97.bc269c41.1460563590.d6fe0a4

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