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I figured out why some reports aren't generated


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The bottom 'Received:' header has "from cubecube..home (unknown...". When submitted (above link) it aborts parsing the header. When I changed that Received: line to 'cube.cube.home' it parses the header just fine. There must be a bug in the parsing code that causes it to sh** the bed on bad hostnames.

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yeah.  I also noticed that your report has a double dot in the hostnames.  I wonder if spammers have figured out to fool SpamCop.  It very well could be related to the following post since it appears to be stopping around the same point.


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I can confirm the same experience. The spam was submitted OK and seemed to parse, but never completed - the screen just hung.

This was a typical "my husband was killed by Mugabe and I want you to have his millions" spam, and in the message body was the usual list of links to ancient BBC news items. Original email contained this:


"I am sure you are aware of killing in Zimbabwe Southern Africa in the year 2000 by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6448559.stm: "


- Note the double dot in the first URL.

I removed one of those full-stops and tried again; it parsed perfectly. I don't consider this a material change to the spam, so reported it - with a note that I'd fixed the link. Doubt anything will come of the report though, it went to an abuse address with a standard GMail account. Knujon also received a copy though.


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