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Munging My Address In Body of Email


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In several brands of spam I get, my email address is also in the subject and/or in the body of the spam, either built into links or more frequently, "Dear emanmb@_______".

Now I realize that changing any part of the spam being reported to SC is frowned upon, but in such cases, what else can I do to remain anonymous except to delete my email from wherever it appears in the report?  

A sample of the html incorporating my email in their link is below.

<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <a href="http://w0yoorncgn.cu.cc/7viV3yWAetrXvFFdyiMU/emanmb@--------"> <h2>Get $5730 deposited in your account to go back to school.</h2> <img src="http://w0yoorncgn.cu.cc/img/picture12.jpg/emanmb@---------" usemap="#edu" alt="Click here to Apply Now" /> </a> <map name="edu" id="edu"> <area alt="" title="" href="http://w0yoorncgn.cu.cc/7viV3yWAetrXvFFdyiMU/emanmb@---------" shape="default"/> </map> <br><br><br><br><br> </a> <a href="http://www.w0yoorncgn.cu.cc/1a8bb1a7bf24c6016ceaaa727a_92ba6759-01010101e4c5/C/">To Unsubscribe Click Here</a> <h5>To enable all links in this message (including unsubscribe link), please click Not spam on a toolbar</h5> </body> </html>

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We assume you have set/checked your reporting preferences.

Have you sent yourself a copy of a spam report?  As noted elsewhere what you see looking at a report id or Tracking URL is not the same as the report that is actually sent.

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Yes I remember seeing that somewhere.  No I do not have reports sent to me and will try it just to see.

This is where I added my address to do this in the preferences.  


Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.33.49 AM.png

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If you look closely at the header of the message you should see that the email you received was sent to sent from the ISP to <report id>{AT}Spamcop.net and then forwarded to you by spamcop.  Your username (kluless) is part of the part of the spam report

Each spam report sent using the report id (a 10 digit number) as the sender 1234567890@spamcop.net. So when/if the recipient replies to the report, as in your case, their response is sent to the report id which is linked to your reporting account and can be forwarded to the email address tied to your reporting account.

i.e. No munged  was violated.

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