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"no links found"

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Wondering why this parsed with "no links found" (VER reported)


I assume it's a fault in the way the spam was put together, but if so I sure wish the parsing could deal with it anyway.

Tried pasting headers & body into the multi-part outlook/eudora work around form, but it wouldn't go for that, said it appeared to be something that the all in one form would take.

This one prompts me to ask, as I when I went to take a peek at the spam's web link (netsecape with scripting/java/cookies disabled), the cache file tripped Norton anti virus "bloodhound.exploit.10". So there might be something nefarious at that site and I was eager to report it, for whatever that's worth.

While I'm thinking of it; I'm unclear on if this sort of question is better sent to forum vs Deputies. I'd like to see a faq page that give examples of "what should go to who".



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Yeah, it's the spammer's construct of the content, headers, and Content-Type: issues ... specifically, the lines ...

Content-Type: text/html;

Content-Transfer-Encoding: plain



The URL in question is missing the <a href= ...> </a> stuff, required due to the "text/html" type qualification and being found within the <html> </html> boundaries.

Deputies are bound to point you to the SpamCop rules that state that there will be no material alteration made to force the parser to find that which the parser does not find on it's own. Some people could suggest that some Content-Type: lines could be "adjusted" ... one could add in the missing HTML constructs ... but submitting that spam and sending a SpamCop report could get you into trouble.

Pasting just the URL into the web-based parsing box would get you;

Parsing input: http://www.1voicemailbox.net/voicemail/

host (getting name) no name

Reporting addresses:


which (personal opinion) looks pretty shaky, but one could add this address in as an additional target if a paid account holder, use for your own manual complaint, or at least a starting point for further research as to a target that looks a bit more legitimate.

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