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This is a load of garboge, my server is gettig false claims sent to it and I NEvER seND OUT spam. My DC says I either remove the accounts or they unplug my server. So I did I removed the mail accounts that are said of spamming (my ones I use for clients I might addd) but they are gain. So when I check my email today my DC says I GOT 13 COMPLAINTS, but they are all from the email addresses that I have deleted. HOW CAN THIS BE. I am sick of the false claims.


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From the FAQ

Why Am I Blocked? Probable Causes

If your email has suddenly been blocked by the SpamCop blocklist, it is probably:

    * because a virus has infected a computer that uses your ISP to connect to the Internet or you have an open proxy or open relay on your computer.

    * because your ISP allows people to send spam (email that you have not requested and do not want)

    * because, as in all systems, there may have been a mistake.

The spamcop.net listing will expire automatically within 48 hours of the last report of spam from it.

For people who are operating servers:

Am I really listed in the SpamCop Blocklist?:

You can check the status of any server by entering its address at http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml. The reason an IP address is listed can also be obtained from that page.

Please also see:

    * How can I get removed from SpamCop's blocking system?

    * John's explanation at John's revised post, for Why Am I Blocked FAQ

    * Merlyn's explanation at FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked?

Skip the rest of this FAQ and post the IP address that is blocked in the Spamcop web forum or newsgroup.

You can read the links for John's revised post by viewing the Why Am I Blocked FAQ.

I would guess that you have the SMTP/Auth exploit on your server. There is a pinned FAQ on that also - maybe in the Lounge.

Miss Betsy

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I would guess that you have the SMTP/Auth exploit on your server.  There is a pinned FAQ on that also - maybe in the Lounge.

...Yes, there is: Pinned: Jeff G.'s Hotspot SMTP-Auth Provider Status Report but I don't believe that would be very useful to Seth. WB8TYW reply in thread "New business blocked" and some of the material in "John's" post might be more appropriate.

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my IP is I need it to stop. I deleted all the mail accounts that said they had spammed.

See http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...p=

Looks like there have been 40 complaints about that IP in the last week.

Is this machine dedicated to you or are you sharing it with someone else? If you are sharing it then it's possible that the spam is coming from another client of your provider.

If it's just your machine you'll want to examine your Exim logs and see where the unsolicited mail is coming from.

Not sure what the term "DC" means, but did they send you an example of the spam?

Of the new reports that arrived were they in response to spam sent *before* you deleted the accounts or *after* you deleted accounts?

Edited by Chris Parker
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Where are the Exim logs?

I'm not too familiar with the Exim Mail Server. You'd have to go to a support forum for that software package to find out where the log are located.

You might consider install some software package that will give you metrics on mail usage by client, etc. That would hopefully allow you to track down the client that is spamming.

(As of the time of this post there have been about 50 complaints about that IP address -- generally meaning that 50 *different* spamcop users have reported mail from your server as spam. That means it's probably a fairly large issue as most people don't take the time to file a complaint about spam -- they just delete.)

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Your mail server is either compromised (Hacked) or is not properly setup or you have a spammer.

220-server.olddh.com ESMTP Exim 4.34 #1 Tue, 13 Jul 2004 14:39:13 -0700

220-We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited,

220 and/or bulk e-mail.

You are starting to get into other blocklists.

Do you know how to read your log files?

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Send an email to deputies <at> spamcop.net and ask them for additional information as to if the spam source was you machine, a potential client of yours, or if your machine is acting as a relay. (make sure to include the IP address of you server in your polite message to them)

Since it appears that you don't really know much about your server, I'd suggest that you contact whomever setup the server for you, or contact a professional in your area that can come out and work to resolve your issues.

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my IP is I need it to stop. I deeted all the mail accounts that said they had spammed. YET THEY KEEP COMMING, my DC said they will shut down my server if it does not stop......

That sounds like a very good idea! I don't wish to seem unkind but you remind me of a a driver of a bus full of fare-paying passangers with no driver-training and no license to drive. If you don't know where to find the server logs, should you be 'driving' a server? Perhaps your DC (whatever that is) jumping uon and applying the brakes would be the best for all concerned.

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