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deleted emails still get forwarded

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I believe we have gone through this with you before but to give you the benefit of the doubt, please explain exactly how your account is setup.

Reading your brief message, I see the word forwarded, which would normally mean you are having spamcop forward your mail to another account after it has been filtered. The webmail filters are not used at all in this configuration and there would be nothing to delete (except from your Held Mail folder) because the messages never reach the inbox to be deleted.

If you are having another ISP or your local machine POP from spamcop, be sure you have a Trash folder created and in use. If you use the delete without moving to trash function, people have reported that they do not get purged fast enough so deleted messages are downloaded. I POP my message from spamcop every day and have never seen a deleted message be downloaded. Again, webmail filters will only work when you log into webmail, possibly also having to activate them manually depending on your configuration.

There may be other explanations for your statement, but I have described the most common configurations.

If, on the other hand, you do not want help and only want to complain, the lounge would be the place for that.

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