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Outlook "Beta"


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I just recently was forced onto the new Outlook platform. It used to be called Beta but now I guess it is not anymore since it is in production. Anyway I used to click View Message Source in Outlook and copy that into the spamcop page and submit all my spam with no problems. Now with the new Outlook, 'View Source' is still there but whatever the source it is producing is, it is not compatible with Spamcop reporting system anymore. It always says it cannot find the source I.P. Anyone else having this problem?

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Same problem here.  I have been putting off using the 'beta', but was just forced to switch to it permanently.  Now when I copy and paste the message source into Spamcop, I get all sorts of errors.  Has anyone figured out how to get it to work with the new Outlook live webmail?


Here is a sample tracking URL if it helps...


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Nightwolf thanks for the Tracking URL.  As you can see the new(er) version of Outlook is not providing the unaltered source of the email.  I do not use Outlook maybe others here have found a workaround.

Have you considered using Thunderbird?

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Thanks for the advice.  Yes Lking, I do use Thunderbird for my other email account, but I intentionally setup this Hotmail account many years ago specifically to keep it separate.  I use it to enter sweepstakes and sign up for promotions, which also causes it to get a lot of spam.


And thank you RobiBue.  I thought that article was going to help, but I think it only applies to the Outlook program, not webmail.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait and see if they ever fix it to display full headers again, like it used to.



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I see what you mean.

The only way I can see it done involves some extra work manually, and I believe that is out of the question. it is for me anyway.

In the message, click on the down arrow and select "view message source".

here's where the manual work starts:

copy headers and message source (in the same window) by selecting everything in the new text-box and paste it into an editor.

The whole thing is one line, so you'll have to insert a CR or CR/NL after every header part. Then you'll be able to submit it to spamcop.

unless you have some programming experience and create an add-in for outlook with visual Studio...


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