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Help with Deleting Held Mail


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I am using the web to access held mail. I have several times selected the "Check All" link, then used the pull-down to select "Quick - Report Immediately and Trash", and then used the "Release / Delete Selected Messages" Button to report and remove the messages.

I receive a page displaying that messages were submitted for reporting and moved to trash. However, each time I check the Held Mail, the messages remain in the list. Is there something I'm neglecting to do?

I've tried "Check All" and then used "Delete" from the pull-down list, and submitted the form, and have received the same results, a page saying the messages were moved to trash. The messages remain in Held Mail.

Would someone help to alert me to what I'm neglecting?

Thank you,

Ginger Wright

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Are you sure it is the same set of messages that are still in the list?

Select all only marks the first 100 messages.

The easiet way to check is to write done the message number and then see if it has changed after suibmitting for quick reporting.

From what you say, it sounds like you are doing it correctly.

Please repost if the message numbers remain the same.

Note: This is based on the assumption that you are using the VER interface.

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Thank you both, it was as you surmised, I did not have a trash folder in my webmail interface. I'm not using the webmail to read email, but only to process held mail, and didn't understand the linkage between folders.

Thank you for your help,


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