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HELD MAIL: make features match old page!


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On the webmail held pages I have the folowing suggestions/gripes:

New page is frustrating. It takes two passes just to whitelist an email

sender AND forward the bloody message!

The old page does this in one click.

I see "report" which is quick report, Whitelist which is obvious (but SHOULD

have an option like the held page to immediately forward message, no ???)

But no "Forward for Reporting" button OR option.

Why missing ?

Basically, any reason to NOT have ALL the HELD page options on the Webmail

Held page???

PLEASE, let's get this updated if you really want all all to move to this



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There is a forward button which started as the only way to report. Simply fill in the shortcut to your submit address and way you go. The "Report as spam" and "Whitelist" buttons are relatively new.

I believe this page is still being improved, but JT (jefft) can speak more to the particulars. I agree with both suggestions.

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