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Nothing to do with Spamcop but it's spam!


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Do you know fax spamming?

We get 250 junk faxes everyday, with an average of 2 pages per fax, or 15,000 pages per month... just good at killing a fax machine :blink:

So, we have an electronic fax machine for that junk and we pay $19.99 per month up to 500 incomming faxes per month and $0.25 over that. So we were good..

Until... someone smart got the idea to call the 1-800 numbers to unsubscribe... in fact she shown that someone was actually looking at the faxes... She called 20 numbers before getting bored...

Got the November 2004 invoice this morning... We received 2,500 faxes... 2,000 over quota and our credit card was charged $519.99

Cost of spam....


Note this fax has been cancelled :P

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In the US there are laws prohibiting unsolicited faxes.  IIRC, you can claim $500 per fax in damages.

Miss Betsy

There is someone out there that has made a fair amount of pocket change by working the small claims courts against FAX spammers. IIRC there is a website with a HOWTO sue FAX spammers in small claims courts.

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