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Request Reports options - non-Third-Party


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Hi. I want reports of spam from some ranges that concern me, and from some ranges I'm in charge of.

I have a spamcop ISP account. (ISP control center access)

How do I change

Third party interested in daily aggregate summary reports


Third party interested in all reports


<IP range admin>

for ranges that concern me, and for ranges I'm in charge of, respectively?

Email Julian? I get abuse[at]<domain of rDNS of IP> where I consider myself <IP range admin>...


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First answer .. check the FAQ.

Expanded answer ... not actually sure these days, as the FAQ entry pointed to used to be the thrid-party notify application. It now talks about creating an ISP account and monitoring things that way, which you say you already doing. So will then say, taking he query to the next level is also a FAQ entry, an item already identifiedas "Read before Posting" ...

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Interestingly enough, Ellen just posted this over in the newsgroups;

> Bert Hyman wrote:

> >

> > So, how do they get to be an "interested third party"?

A couple of ways ... in the old days there was a form where anyone could add

themselves as 3rd party. That has been gone for about a year and now it

takes an email to us to be added. We research the request and either add the

3rd party or don't. If we find 3rd parties that shouldn't be there, we

remove them. In some cases the 3rd party is an ISP, usually a small one, or

a hosting company who rightly should get reports. In other cases it may be a

transit provider who wants to see what is happening on som especific IP

range that they are giving transit to. It may be a closed-loop mailer. The

reasons vary. If you had a tracking url or report number I could take a look

at the specific example.


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The gist of Wazoo's quote of Ellen can be boiled down to "please email the Deputies about this issue using their address deputies at spamcop.net".


Yes, I did that; was waiting 'till I got a reply to say thanks/confirm it worked/that address was still valid. But, I hear 'deputies[at]' is taking a holiday break, so I expect it'll be a while.

Thanks! :ph34r:

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