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Thank You, SpamCop!


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WebTV (MSNTV) users have no real control over what hits our inboxes - that is, the network we're hooked into supposedly has Brightmail filters which do absolutely nothing. We're prisoners of Microsoft.

Over the years only SpamCop has been trustworthy - it does what it says with no hype, no commercialism, just plain good and reliable spam reporting!

The many times I've nearly thrown out my unit due to the overload of spam and the unresponsive and uncaring attitude of Microsoft, it was thanks to SpamCop that I am still online.

For those of us who are housebound or bedbound and too poor to afford real computers or sit up at desks, these small online units are our only connection with the outside world.

It can be quite depressing to find our limited inboxes brimming with every sort of false advertising, cons, viruses, porn, hoaxes, etc. (I won't swear here). Money we can barely afford to spend to be online is being wasted by spammers. Bandwidth is expensive and we, too, pay our share for the privilege. Microsoft's networks, of which we are a part, cost as much for subscriptions as AOL.

I personally wish to thank all of you at SpamCop who created this website, who write the extensive programming, research the correct spam reporting addresses and put in all the hours to "do the right thing" in reporting those who try to take advantage of gullible users. You are the bulwark against the greedy, dishonest and criminal people who prowl the internet.

As easily as opening headers, then forwarding our spam to you, the difficult is made simple - merely a few clicks away. Someone somewhere will know that we're aware of what they're up to.

If not for people like you, the mostly invisible SpamCop designers and maintainers, I truly believe that there would have been few advances in the anti-spam campaign and resulting laws for years to come if not for the hard diligence of people like you. Those in government are often beholden to the very same businesses of whom we are complaining. When laws are enacted to restrict their greed, said commercial interests can become quite unhappy. The FTC, SEC and FCC are obviously slow in protecting consumers.

Yes, the current laws do not come nearly close enough to really hurt the worst offenders who lie hidden overseas, yet. But they are on the way.

Thank you, SpamCop.net, one and all! May your good works prosper in the New Year. I wish you all the very best.

-Karen J. (Nevada)

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A bit of an e-mail sent;

From:  wazoo

To:  Julian

Subject: Kudos and such


http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3332 has a hell of a thank-you from a web-tv'er.  Want to make sure you see it

I did add in a Feature Request / Suggestion Forum to keep stuff a bit separate, yet more visible.  Unfortunately, not all users have been kind in their Titles, so still not as easy to see what part of the system is being discussed at times.  Just not sure if you had seen or heard this yet.

And while I was here ;


Paragraph labeled: Performance

reads "....not fast harware"

should be "....not fast hardware"

Here's hoping you can find time for a bit of life and enjoy things for a bit.  Thanks for the amazing tool-set

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Slightly tangential...but...you're a WebTV user who is happy about the way that SpamCop helps with your incoming mail. However, the most recent message sent to one of my addresses from another WebTV user actually wound up in my Held Mail zone, because the WebTV server was on SpamCop's own Blacklist. I suspect this happens a lot, and it would mean that if you're sending outbound messages to other SpamCop Email System users, or to other people whose ISP's utilize the SpamCop Blacklist for filtering and/or blocking, then your messages will have trouble reaching their destinations. That's a bit of a downside, IMO. The same thing happens when people use the AOL webmail system to send mail...it seems that those servers are frequently in the SC BL's "doghouse."


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