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SpamCop and Outlook Express


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I just stopped using Incredimail and switched to Outlook Express. I have no idea how to send an email as an attachment, and to make sure the spam contains all of the headers. Can any OE users guide me step-by-step.


Raine Kennedy

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You are in luck because it is very simple!

highlight (not open) spam (or several spam), right click, select Forward as attachment from menu, and that's it (oh, you have to enter an address to forward to).

The only caveat is that there is a size limit on how many KB's or MB's you can forward at one time. 10 spam will generally not go over that limit. If it does, you just don't get a reply from spamcop.

Another nice thing about OE is that by right clicking and going to Properties->Details (tab at top)->Message Source (button at bottom), you can see the email without opening it in case the subject/sender are suspicious, but not clear cut spam. I never open anything that isn't obviously a real email even FW: FW's and Non Deliverable mail except this way (because of the worm that spoofed non-deliverable mail messages).

Miss Betsy

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If you add your SpamCop forwarding address to your address book it will simplify the process.

Simple step by step to forward as attachment using Outlook Express

Sending a single message:

Right click on message and select "Forward as Attachment"

Left click on "To" and select the SpamCop forwarding address from your address book and left click on OK.

Click send. (note: you can drag additional messages from outlook express into the forwarding message by left clicking on the additional message and dragging it to the new message window if visable or to the new message bar, waiting for that window to open and continuing to drag the message to the "Attach" window)

You will receive an email from SpamCop when the message is ready to process.

Click on the attached link to finish the process or go the the SpamCop web site, log in and click on "Report Now" (this will allow you to continue report untill all messages are reported.

Multiple messages can be selected by holding down the "Ctrl" key and left clicking on each message to be sent, then right click and select "Forward as Attachment"

Remember that there is a total message size limit that can be forwarded as a single or mulitple message.

The easy to add an address to your address book to to right click on the email address and select "Add to Address Book.."

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