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Webmail: Please Add A SpamAssassin Score Column

Jeff G.

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In Webmail, please add a SpamAssassin Score Column Display Option.

From [spamCop-Mail] Re: "Can't find nnnn" messages in my Held Mail in the Newsgroups:

Actually, the webmail version would be just peachy if

it had a sortable-by column for spamassassin score. I home in on scores in

single and low-double digits on the heldlog page because spamassassin has

never assigned a score higher than 8 or so to any of my non-spam messages.

(I'm using only spamassassin for filtering at the moment because I don't

really trust the "hair trigger" setup currently used for the BLs).

Also, in case I haven't mentioned it recently, options to display the from email address and the reason held would certainly be helpful.


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