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Here's a long one.


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First easy answer; http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.c...ngresources.com

01/27/05 00:37:37 Slow traceroute ffalinks.1stmarketingresources.com

Trace ffalinks.1stmarketingresources.com ( ...

01/27/05 00:38:25 Slow traceroute rvisitors.1stmarketingresources.com

Trace rvisitors.1stmarketingresources.com ( ...

01/27/05 00:38:58 Slow traceroute totee.1stmarketingresources.com

Trace totee.1stmarketingresources.com ( ... dsl-200-78-15-135.prod-empresarial.com.mx. [TTL=3600]

At this point in time, everything on this "item" is running on a single computer via a DSl connection ... e-mail, web-site, DNS, everything .....

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