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Problem with .mlk

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As the Forum goes, we're all still pretty green <g>

I havn't gone looking for whatever a .mlk file is, but ....

Do you know what the exact file is? Looking at some filtering due to meeting some virus filter perhaps?

Can whoever is sending it change the file extension, perhaps bypassing the filter .. most cases, like changing it to (or even actually) archiving it into a .ZIP file ... ???

I can't recall anyone asking this actual question before, so consider these as just simple guesses at a quick work-around.

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The exact question from the company that is supplying the information is below:

>Please talk with the spamcop guy and find out how to unblock .mlk files from >authorize[at]treasurecoastsoftware.com.

I am no expert, but the email is a special protection that allows restriction and tracking data of emails sent.

What we are seeing is SpamCop blocking emails with .mlk files, but not reporting this in the held mail, or in sending the sender a report on why they are being blocked. We by hard work have traced it back to spamcop.

I would like to have a service email address for SpamCop to ask for specific technical help, and or for them to contact me directly as I need these email fuctions ASAP.

Thanks for your assistance.


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OK ..wondering right now why there's a new thread on this, vice continuation of the other one you started ...

but, send your query to deputies at spamcop.net ... but I'd go back and ask these folks to send you a copy of the "you are blocked" message that they say they aren't getting .. yeah, I know that sounds strange, but on the other hand, if they aren't getting a bounce, who is saying that they aren't arriving? There's just something a bit odd about this ....

Past conversations (over in the newsgroups) left me with the impression that virus checking wasn't a major issue of the SpamCop tool set, so I'm not quite following the "specific file extension is the reason some e-mail gets bounced, but with no notification to anybody" ... anyway for you to get a copy of what actually is being sent?

I'm also curious about the "hard work have traced it back to spamcop" ... wondering what tools they used to attempt this ..??

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