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Filter to auto-delete from Korea/China?

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Hi. Maybe this is a dumb question, but is there any way to set up a mail filter to automatically delete (not just hold) ANYTHING from kornet or hanaro etc.? 90% of my spam comes from there and I have no desire or need to receive anything from there.

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Well, you could setup two filters to delete emails containing Header Lines "X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked korea.services.net" and "X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked cn.rbl.cluecentral.net". To set up them up:

  • Login to Webmail.
  • Click the "Filters" Link at the top of the Page to bring up the Mail Filters Page.
  • Click the "Edit your filter rules" Link to bring you to the "Filter Rules" Page.
  • Click the "New Rule" Button to bring you to the "New Rule" Page.
  • Name the first Rule "korea.services.net" (for example).
  • Use the "Select a field" Drop-Down Box to select "Self-Defined Header".
  • After "Contains", type or paste "X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked korea.services.net" without quotes.
  • Change "Do this:" from "Deliver to my INBOX:" to "Discard".
  • Click the "Save" Button.
  • Repeat the above with "cn.rbl.cluecentral.net" from clicking the "New Rule" Button.
  • When you're done, click the "Save Settings" Button.
  • Click the "Mail" Button at the top of the "Filter Rules" Page to get back to your mailbox.

Of course, the Filter Rules will only activate in a mailbox/Folder other than INBOX if you press the "Apply Filters on" funnel-shaped Icon below the "F" in the "Folders" Link.

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Thanks, Jeff. I'll do that.

But a lot of kornet spam gets blocked first by bl.spamcop.net and I don't want to automatically delete those, because sometimes a good one gets caught by bl.spamcop.net, so I have to check my held mail anyway.

Guess there's no foolproof way to murder all the kornet stuff?

Thanks again.


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I suppose you could use an external program like imapfilter for that purpose. It is not SpamCop specific and can be applied to any IMAP account. The setup would be fairly complex, though. It might be overkill unless this functionality is really important for you. I have never tried it myself and cannot tell you how well it works.

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Just a quick (and newbie) question: I (of course!) blocked Korea while setting up the spamcop webmail first time, it goes to Held mail yes? e.g. not purged


Yes, anything that triggers a match in any of the blacklists you select is delivered to your Held Mail folder. Same thing for anything over the SpamAssassin score you choose if you have SpamAssassin enabled. No mail is deleted automatically.
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