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2 hours ago, ninth said:

If the mods vetted each post before they go up would they take their bat and ball and go home?

with the current amount of junk, this could be a  good start, but it has the problem of there aren't many moderators around (actually, currently I have only seen one making his daily cleanup rounds -- except in Winter when the snowstorm breaks his Internet connection for a few days), that's point 1, and he would have to vet every new poster, regardless whether it's a legitimate new member or just another forum spammer/scammer. Whoever it is, will have to wait until the mod logs in and checks the messages. That could discourage legit posters because they can't see their new message for a pretty long time depending on when they posted it, and what is going on at the mod's end...

oh, 👋 hey Lou 😉

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3 hours ago, RobiBue said:

That could discourage legit posters because they can't see their new message

Which is the reason the this forum has always been wide open. With all users being able to see new request for help, a problem can be resolved quickly (no mater the time zone, or weather, etc where ever)

This current blizzard too will pass.

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Back to the drawing board...when the B2R2C reaches the magic number of reports they are auto paused until the yank defrosts and reviews the new posts. The forum regulars run interference by setting up alerts for new posts with the follow option in every thread and save the day?

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6 hours ago, ninth said:

when the B2R2C reaches the magic number of reports

Interesting term I haven't heard before. Had to look it up: "Business to Robot to Consumer" (B2R2C)

Thanks for this new term... and thank you Society for creating this marketing niche where ads pop up everywhere and it's getting worse and worse (sorry, I veered off as this is now generalistic and not only related to this forum anymore)

if it were real B2R2C then the marketing operation should, instead of flooding consumers, first see if advertising on a specific platform is ok. Most will probably say no. others might say for a fee 💰 you can use this ad subforum... the users who want to see ads can subscribe to it, others will not be affected... or at least shouldn't ;)

heck, somehow the site does need some cashflow and if ads can pay for some of it, why not, but ethically....

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Agree Robi.

The spam that lands here is because we are a public forum but it violates our rules that members need to stay on the topic of anti-spam. The not so new international privacy laws are clear in that the buyer must explicitly subscribe to marketing and not be conned by pre-ticked boxes legal fineprint 3rd party partners stolen data EBR and the list goes on.

The rights to data security and privacy online are way out of control thanks to globalisation and more recently with the development of tech companies so big and filthy rich they are unaccountable and not held responsible by their own govt.

Tesla just got busted for employees sharing camera images and videos for fun on an internal messaging system since 2019. Even Musk fell victim of a vid inside his garage because the cars are recording when the vehicle is off or charging. The AI developed for the full autopilot cars involves an army of humans to label data for input such as street signs and they view recordings from the 8 cameras in cars sold to customers since 2015-...wave when you drive past.

IMO freeloaders should agree to ads and cookies to pay for a good service and or make donations they can afford - just waiting for payday.

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