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Request for infected e-mail


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Brought over from a PM ....


I was referred to you from Spyware Warrior. The site administrator, 3162 mentioned this site might be able to help me with this. I'm setting up several free webmail accounts for the purpose of capturing infected e-mail. I'm using them to research methods of detection and defenses which don't depend on signatures or reference files. What I need is infected e-mail. Do you have anything resembling a list of sites, e-mail addresses, etc that are known to send viruses, worms, etc? I'm hoping to avoid sorting thru hundreds or thousands of spam e-mail in order to get a few infected ones. I would prefer to obtain the virus/worms as infected e-mail such as the average user gets instead of using a collection so I can also study the methods of infection they use, etc.

I realize this is an unusual request. I would like to assure you that my intentions here are not malicious. I'm a member of ASAP. I'm also registered at the following sites/forums, under the name "<munged>":


Feel free to contact any of the site administrators or long term members from any of these regarding my intentions or standing. I appreciate any help you can give me.


User PM'd ....

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You can find ASAP here.

I'm registered at both sites as herbalist.

As strange as it sounds, I'd like to get the webmail accounts listed with spammers or spam sites that are known to send infected content. Anyone know of such sites or lists?



Was that site supposed to be Clam AV?

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