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[Resolved] Problem whitelisting msn group!

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I'm trying to whitelist a msn group and haven't been successfull.

As you know, when a member posts to a yahoo, or msn group, the from address is the email address of the member of the group and not the email from the group. I don't want to whitelist every single member of the msn group, but I do want to whitelist the msn group.

I have read the help for whitelisting a yahoo group, which says:

How do I whitelist yahoo groups?

Yahoo Groups mail should have a Return-Path header that looks like ...[at]returns.groups.yahoo.com

In order to pass all Yahoo Groups mail through to your inbox, add "returns.groups.yahoo.com" (without the quotes) to your whitelist.


However, when I put in the mns return-path header:


It doesn't work.

If I put in just the domain:


the whitelist then lets in other spam sent from that domain.

If I put in


The whitelist doesn't work.

Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.

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Please send an example header for each "If I put in" situation to support <at> spamcop.net.  Thanks!


Here is the header for an email that did not work with the following whitelists:



Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_1251F6_01C56957.315E1DD0"

Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 22:46:06 -0700 [06/04/2005 11:46:06 PM MDT]

Delivered-To: spamcop-net-mySpamcopEmail[at]spamcop.net

From: MSN Group Member <MSNgroupMember[at]netscape.net>

MIME-Version: 1.0

Message-Id: <Group101FilmsColorado-1263[at]groups.msn.com>


(qmail 8481 invoked from network); 5 Jun 2005 05:46:07 -0000

from unknown ( by blade6.cesmail.net with QMQP; 5 Jun 2005 05:46:07 -0000

from mout.perfora.net ( by mailgate.cesmail.net with SMTP; 5 Jun 2005 05:46:07 -0000

from [] (helo=p02.groups.msn.com) by mx.perfora.net with ESMTP (Nemesis), id 0MKuxu-1DenxW3YIz-0005Ud for myEmail[at]myDomain.com; Sun, 05 Jun 2005 01:46:06 -0400

from mail pickup service by p02.groups.msn.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC; Sat, 4 Jun 2005 22:46:06 -0700

Reply-To: Group101Films Colorado <Group101FilmsColorado[at]groups.msn.com>

Return-Path: <SRS0=P2M+=UL=groups.msn.com=Group101FilmsColorado-bounce[at]srs.perfora.net>

Subject: Emergency Casting

To: Group101Films Colorado <Group101FilmsColorado[at]groups.msn.com>

X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.50.4927.1200

X-OriginalArrivalTime: 05 Jun 2005 05:46:06.0328 (UTC) FILETIME=[DDDBEF80:01C56991]


X-spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.0.2 (2004-11-16) on blade6

X-spam-Level: *



X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked SpamAssassin=1

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This one should fail because you cannot expect the SRS cookie (here: P2M+) and time stamp (here: UL) to be stable.



This one should fail for the reason mentioned by Dave.



This one looks like a winner to me.

If everything fails and even JT cannot help, you might want to consider subscribing to the MSN group with your SpamCop email address rather than your website email address. If you do that, you could work with the original envelope from instead of the envelope from as modified by your 1and1.com forwarder.

On a more general note, I think SpamCop should modernize its white/blacklisting system so that it can deal with SRS headers in a more graceful manner.

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I agree that the SpamCop Email System should modernize its white/blacklisting system so that it can deal with SRS headers in a more graceful manner.

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