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Not receiving emails with my submissions

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21 hours ago, Lking said:

Login to your reporting account and check to see if your email server has bounced emails from SpamCop.

You can clear the flag BUT if your server continues to bounce the flag will be set again.

Do you mean the email account where I receive the emails to report my submissions?  I use gmail, so check in spam?

I am forwarding emails I get at work from my work email.  It's never been a problem.


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40 minutes ago, mike20878 said:

I use gmail, so check in spam?

I am forwarding emails I get at work from my work email.  It's never been a problem. 


26 minutes ago, mike20878 said:

I forgot to mention that they are not appearing as unfiled reports when I log in to Spamcop. 

Thanks for the additional information.  I believe that points to the problem.  If you are able to send spam from work (NOT a gmail account) and get email from SpamCop with links to finish reporting the spam; The problem is not with your SpamCop reporting Account.

If I read correctly, when you try to submit spam FROM your gmail account the spam does not appear as "unfiled" in you SpamCop account(?)  That would mean your email from you gmail account is not reaching SpamCop.  Assuming your email(s) are properly addressed, there is a strong possibility that your outgoing email to spamCop is being blocked by gmail because they "see" the word spam or because of the spammy content of the attachment.

As dumb as it sounds some ISPs will let spam into your inbox but block the same spam out going from your account. Somethings to check:

1.  Check to make sure that the 16-character private submit spamcop email address is correct.

2.  Submit a benign, non-spam, email to spamcop  just to see if it goes through. - If it gets there, CANX - DO NOT report.

This testing will help you talk to gmail about why your emails, with attachments, to SpamCop are being blocked.

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47 minutes ago, mike20878 said:

I am sending the spam FROM my work email and normally receive the reports to my gmail.  It's possible my work email is blocking them.

I so sent in spam reports from a different email and I do currently get it going back to my email like you expect.  I did have a recently time where I tried to forward a spam using gmail to amazon and google blocked it.  This is one of those situations where I like to see the bounce.  (However, I do not like the bounce after accept when it is from externally.)  If it is being blocked by your work there might be an option where you can go into the sent item and see a sending status there.

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2 hours ago, mike20878 said:

I did not get an email notification of this reply. 

Depending on the email used with the forum and with your reporting account, this could be a different problem (similar but different).

I guess I did not understand that you have been sending spam from you work email and NOW that has stopped working.  Actually this could be easier to fix. Knowing when things stopped working and having a better chance of responsive IT department, resolution should be possible.

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