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Add a Personal Block list for NetBlocks


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I've been looking around the faq and searching for a way to do this, but haven't found anything yet. It seems like there are ways to block whatever is in the SCBL, but I want to be able to block entire netblocks, not just what's been reported.

I would like to have a personal IP block list that allows me to have a list of netblocks that I want blocked. (gosh, that reminds me of "if a woodchuck could chuck wood.) The current personal blacklist only seems to allow email type addresses or domain names of the form (user[at]domain or [at]domain, or domain) which seems to only be checked on one of the From lines. This means that if I want all amazon.com mail, that I will also get spam emails that say they're from someone[at]amazon.com, but whose Received line IP address shows that it originates in korea. What I want is a personal netblock list that looks like this: -

It takes a subnet in either a netblock format with a slash or a range between IP addresses. Of course the line above is reduntant, but the idea is to let the user specify either format for their IP range. This would allow me to block off entire netblocks that I should never be getting email from anyway. It's not constrained to a country or a pre-programmed range.

If an IP address (in the specified range) appears in a Received line, it's moved to "Held Mail".

I suppose you could have an option to have not only IPs from the email header flag the message as spam, but also weblinks in the body of the message that match the netblock range would be flagged as spam also.

To be useful, this would have to be in the initial mail scan. It probably wouldn't be useful to make the user login to webmail and run something new (ie. like the filters work right now).

As I said, I haven't found anything on spamcop that allows me to do this. I know that spampal will allow this, but I haven't found it here.

Anyway, that's my wish for a feature.

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