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abuse@boardtravel.com bounces...


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Hi, all.

Just a quick note to the SpamCop admins...

I reported a spam email on my own by digging up the data on a spammer (I was trying to find an upstream provider for this ISP). I was going the route of looking up who was hosting the website the spammer was using.

I reported to abuse[at]boardtravel.com, and got back the following:

Delivery failed 3 attempts: abuse[at]boardtravel.com

in a bounce.

I'm not sure who else to report to, but obviously, these guys don't care that their users are spamming. I've gotten several spams from this ISP just today.

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SpamCop would probably have gone for the same address; is an mx ( 10 ) for boardtravel.com

host (getting name) no name

WHOIS shows this address;

AbuseHandle: DWI38-ARIN

AbuseName: Williams, Doug

AbusePhone: +1-313-640-2080

AbuseEmail: abuse[at]boardtravel.com

Query for type=255 class=1

234.1.69.in-addr.arpa SOA (Zone of Authority)

Primary NS: ns1.boardtravel.com

Responsible person: abuse[at]boardtravel.com

So we back up step;

02/23/04 22:33:45 IP block

Trying at ARIN

Trying 69.1.234 at ARIN

Band-X BANDX-US-2 (NET-69-1-224-0-1) -

Williams Computers WILLIAMS-COMPUTERS (NET-69-1-234-0-1) -

TechHandle: JEK34-ARIN

TechName: Kristal, Jeremiah E

TechPhone: +1-646-835-4941

TechEmail: jeremiah.kristal[at]band-x.com

So you might try abuse at band-x about the spam and the bouncing abuse (and contact point) address for this boardtravel outfit ...

Let me also note that the e-mail address (I'm running with your abuse addresss bounce, as you made no mention of the spam source) and the web host don't have to be connected ...

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