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reject unknown date spams

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Im getting some really lame viruses veing sent to me from spoofed addresses with unkown dates. surely spamcops syetm can filter these, or give me the option to do so?


If you can find a common element in them that is able to have a filter created for it, then it will work, but only iff you log into webmail to activate the filter. I know you have had problems with the filters many times before. Your best bet is probably to create a filter on your email client to dispose of them.

Of your 33 posts, few have been positive and fewer have been posts about success.

I have never received a virus through the spamcop system, even testing it on occasion with the test virus, EICAR.

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I'm going to back Steven for the most part. Your last few posts, although being about SpamCop filtered e-mail account issues, have been posted into the Lounge area rather than the more appropriate E-mail Account Forum (this topic will be moved at the time of this posting)

You've mentioned not renewing your subscription at least twice.

The majority of your posts seem to feal with the filtering aspects. There've been a number of responses and suggestions, just as here, but with no further feedback from you as to what you did, what the success/failure was, etc. In this case, you lightly describe some type of e-mail, but provide no data/details, such as a Tracking URL to give a real example of the issue being queried.

You have apparently missed the notice I've placed into most (if not all) forum sections about the primary support here being provided by other users. Customer or not, resolving issues is usually a two-way street ... you've got to help. Again, looking at your previous postings, I don't see the needed follow-up of the attempts you've made to work through your filtering issues. Not saying you haven't tried, just pointing out that there is no sign of it in your dialog.

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