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whois -h whois.apnic.net ...

% [whois.apnic.net node-1]

% Whois data copyright terms http://www.apnic.net/db/dbcopyright.html

inetnum: -

netname: CNM

descr: C&M Communication Co., Ltd.

descr: SungHak B/D, 186, SongPa2-dong, SongPa-gu, Seoul, 138-172

descr: ************************************************

descr: Allocated to KRNIC Member.

descr: If you would like to find assignment

descr: information in detail please refer to

descr: the KRNIC Whois Database at:

descr: "http://whois.nida.or.kr/english/index.html"

descr: ************************************************

country: KR

admin-c: SB304-AP

tech-c: SB304-AP

remarks: www.cnm.co.kr

mnt-by: MNT-KRNIC-AP

mnt-lower: MNT-KRNIC-AP


changed: hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20050524

source: APNIC



KRNIC is not a ISP but a National Internet Registry similar to APNIC.

The IPv4 address is allocated and still held by the following ISP, or

its Whois information is not updated after assigned to end-users.

Please see the following ISP contacts for further information

or network abuse.

[ ISP Network Abuse Contact Information ]

Name : Bang Seunghyun

Phone : +82-2-2240-9743

Fax : +82-2-2240-9793

E-mail : pcsalts[at]cnm.co.kr

07/29/05 12:15:59 Slow traceroute

Trace ... RTT: 196ms TTL: 96 (No rDNS) RTT: 215ms TTL: 96 (No rDNS) RTT: 193ms TTL: 96 (No rDNS) RTT: 196ms TTL: 96 (No rDNS) RTT: 191ms TTL: 96 (No rDNS) RTT: 200ms TTL:113 (No rDNS)

very interesting route showing there ..... as in some IPs should not be showing ...

inetnum: -

netname: BORANET-NET-211-180

descr: DACOM Corp.

descr: Facility-based Telecommunication Service Provider

descr: providing Internet leased-ine, on-line service, BLL etc.

country: KR

e-mail: ipadm[at]nic.bora.net

e-mail: abuse[at]bora.net

e-mail: security[at]bora.net

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Share on other sites and are allocated to KRNIC, but KRNIC says for each:

The IPv4 address is allocated from APNIC to KRNIC.

KRNIC is holding the IPv4 address for further allocation to its member ISPs

in the furture. If you have any question with the IPv4 address,

Please contact at hostmaster[at]nic.or.kr

I'd suggest you do just that, as well as contacting the immediate upstream (from my POV) via abuse[at]level3.net and spamtool[at]level3.net.
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You're welcome. "security[at]" can be a useful tool in such situations, and so can a phone call to your ISP's security team.

Also, please be aware that rwhois.stargate.net is currently unresponsive.

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At present, a SpamCop Report concerning dra007's posting IP Address would be sent to security[at]stargate.net. If that's no longer appropriate, the whois records should be changed.

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