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Does Hotmail care?


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The powers that be may need to review their list of "Administrator interested in intermediary handling of spam" i.e. hotmail, based on the following example. This is one of several of late, I just got around to tracking this one down.

Starting with:


snippets of interest here:

Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : abuse[at]hotmail.com

Using abuse net on abuse[at]hotmail.com

abuse net hotmail.com = abuse[at]hotmail.com

Using best contacts abuse[at]hotmail.com

Using rdns to route to correct Microsoft department

host = bay16-f11.bay16.hotmail.com (cached)

abuse net hotmail.com = abuse[at]hotmail.com

and later

Re: (Administrator interested in intermediary handling of spam)


20 min later I received two auto-generated responses from MSN Subject: [spamCop (relay: id:1507377468][Norton AntiSpam] lets do this

The second message starts out:

hotmail.com>"]This is an auto-generated response designed to answer your question as quickly as possible. Please note that you will not receive a reply if you respond directly to this message.

Unfortunately, we cannot take action on the mail you sent us because it does not reference a Hotmail account. Please send us another message that contains the full Hotmail e-mail address and the full e-mail message to:


If Hotmail doesn't care, fine. Lets not send them copies. Yes, I can/will uncheck them, but would be easier all round if they were just taken off the list of "Administrator interested."

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Hmmm, saw that and 'may' <g> have added to that string then. In those cases Hotmail was being sent reports as the source of the spam. It looks like to me that now Hotmail is just an "(Administrator interested in intermediary handling of spam)". But they must not be THAT interested.

If they are not interested, as indicated by their responces, then why use the BW to send them a report so they send response to SC to forward to me?

Could be if you have seen it before the problem of a non-responsive server is still there. The clutter is still there.

SC seems to takes three actions when spam is reported 1) adds the sourse to a list that can be used to block other email from that sourse, 2) in an effort to get responsable action from others, reports the spam to service providers involved, and 3) provides information copies of the spam to others interested in spam.

IMHO as for Hotmail neither 2) nor 3) apply

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The response of abuse[at]hotmail.com to a given Report appears to be highly variable, depending on which poorly-trained ill-equipped underpaid individual pushes which button, and which hand is tied behind that individual's back.

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