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[Resolved] POP server missing from external server list

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When I go to:


or the "Configure external POP servers" link to try and remove a POP server I'm presented with blank entries, in other words my previously defined POP server info is no longer there.

But yet mail is still being pulled from there into spamcop - I urgently need to delete the entry that is supposed to be listed and stop mail from being pulled by spamcop for this particular domain.

Please advise ASAP.


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And just to double check the obvious...you did not modify that account to forward to spamcop and remove the entry previously?

Although the POP server settings didn't reappear after your earlier suggestion. I definitely don't remember removing it. To test I added another saved, logged out and logged in again and it was still there. So the function based on that says there's nothing wrong. But it's strange as definitely didn't remove it.

Anyway, mail has stopped arriving to spamcop for the domain I mentioned earlier which was the goal, so it appears to be resolved.

Thanks for the kick in the head !

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